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Discover MSW Wheels: a brand that symbolizes Italian craftsmanship and innovation, under the wings of the great OZ Racing. Since the 1980s, MSW Wheels has been setting the standard with an unrivaled mix of quality and style. They strive to push boundaries using the most advanced machining techniques. Every MSW rim, developed and shaped in Italy, is a paragon of lightweight durability, eye-catching looks, and is crowned with the prestigious TÜV certification.

These MSW rims not only transform the appearance and performance of a wide range of cars but also ensure a driving experience where comfort, safety, and style are paramount.

With a vast assortment of over 35 models like the MSW 19 and MSW 71, and the MSW 99 and MSW X2, MSW Wheels offers a wide range of designs and finishes such as Flat Black, Full Silver, and Gloss Black.

Opt for MSW Wheels at Fullcartuning for a perfect blend of Italian style, safety, and reliability. Every MSW rim guarantees great looks and performance. Discover our collection and MSW Wheels now!

Wheels come in thousands of sizes and ratios. What do these sizes mean, and how are they used? On this page, we explain the key terms.