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JR Wheels

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Discover JR Wheels, a brand synonymous with innovation, style, and accessibility in aftermarket wheels. Originating from Japan Racing, with a focus on Japanese cars and designs, JR Wheels has evolved into a widely appreciated brand that offers a perfect blend between modern Japanese design and timeless European style. This unique combination, full of vibrant colors, positions JR Wheels as the most popular brand for alloy wheels.

JR Wheels stands out by offering a wide range of sizes, ensuring a suitable rim is available for almost every car make and model. The assortment includes sizes ranging from 14 inches to 23 inches, suitable for a wide range of cars. This diversity makes JR Wheels accessible to an incredibly broad audience!

Opt for a classic with the JR3, or choose the popular JR28. With a set of JR Wheels, you’re always on target. Be surprised by the enormous range of models!

One of the factors that distinguishes JR Wheels in the competitive rim market is the ability to drill wheels to the desired PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter). This makes a perfect fit possible for 99% of cars with a 4-hole hub, as well as an extensive selection for 5-hole hubs. This adaptability ensures that people can personalize their cars with a unique set of wheels that exactly matches their specific requirements and style preferences.

Moreover, JR Wheels is known for its continuous innovation, with new models and updates to existing models in new colors and sizes annually. This commitment to innovation ensures that the range not only grows in size but also in diversity, giving customers access to the latest trends and designs in the world of alloy wheels.

Complete your car experience with matching JR Wheels lug nuts and wheel spacers (also known as 'track wideners'), designed to further personalize the look and performance of your car. With JR Wheels, you can count on a combination of style, quality, and performance, making every ride a statement. Discover the full range and elevate your car's appearance to the next level.

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