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König lives up to its name by competing in the premier class. Its commitment to innovation is evident in the extensive range of rims designed to meet every need and style. König continues to push the boundaries of design and performance, from its early days focusing on young people wanting to enhance their imports to its current broad product line that includes every segment of the car scene.

With a commitment to the latest technologies and strict safety standards, König sets new standards in the industry. Each wheel is crafted with durability, performance, and looks in mind, making König rims not just a visual upgrade but also a functional improvement for any car.

König's lineup includes some of the most sought-after designs on the market, such as the Ampliform, Dekagram, Dial In, and Freeform series, each available in a range of sizes and finishes. This diversity ensures that every enthusiast can find a set of rims that perfectly matches their personal style and car. Whether you opt for the elegant simplicity of the Countergram, the retro charm of the Rewind, or the bold look of the Hexaform and Hypergram series, König has it all!

König Wheels remains true to its mission: to deliver rims that not only stand at the pinnacle of technology but also offer unmatched style and quality. For the car enthusiast who wants the best, König Wheels provides a combination of performance, durability, and design that is unmatched in the aftermarket industry.

With a set of König wheels under your car, you’re ready for any ride!

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