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Step into the world of Fifteen52, a brand that since its inception in 1996 has transformed the landscape of high-performance and racing wheels. With a passion for everything automotive, Fifteen52 has developed a unique approach to wheel design. Rooted in minimalist looks and the influential spheres of racing and rally sports, this distinctive brand aims to bring the essence of motorsport styling to everyday driving, creating wheels that are both stylish and durable.

Fifteen52 stands out in the aftermarket industry with its unmistakable design language, deeply rooted in a long collaboration with the sadly deceased gymkhana icon Ken Block. This partnership resulted in iconic wheels like the Tarmac and Turbomac, which have become modern classics, loved worldwide for their unique style and performance.

The Fifteen52 range includes a diversity of models such as the Apex, Chicane, Comp, and Podium, each available in multiple sizes and finishes. These showcase Fifteen52’s commitment to quality and durability. With a focus on both looks and functionality, Fifteen52 wheels are an excellent choice for car enthusiasts looking for rims that impress with their bold style.

Every Fifteen52 wheel is TÜV-approved, meaning they comply with the highest standards of quality and safety. This certification strengthens Fifteen52’s position as a brand dedicated to delivering products that not only look cool but are also a safe choice for every car, from daily drivers to race and rally cars.

Opt for Fifteen52 at Fullcartuning for a perfect blend of race-inspired style, unparalleled quality, and durability!

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