Mishimoto Chassis Performance Intercooler BMW F22/30

Mishimoto Chassis Performance Intercooler BMW F22/30
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Brand: Mishimoto
Material: Aluminum
Manufacturer Code: MMINT-F30-12BK, MMINT-F30-12SL
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Make your Ultimate Driving Machine even more ultimate with the addition of the Mishimoto BMW 2012-2016 F22/F30 Chassis Performance Intercooler! From the factory, the N20/26 and N55 engines are a prowess of German engineering, but the stock intercooler unit poses as a weak link for your turbocharged Bimmer. The tube-and-fin design coupled with plastic end tanks makes for the perfect environment for heat to set up residence and throttle the power of your 2, 3, or 4-series, especially for those running a tune.

Mishimoto is here to unlock the full potential of your N20/26 and N55 engines with our Performance Intercooler specifically designed for the F22/F30 chassis. Our unique 6? thick step-core design, adds a 115? angle to the top section to allow for additional charged air cooling without fully obstructing other heat exchangers. Tubes and fins are a thing of the past with this design as we engineered our intercooler with a bar-and-plate construction optimizing this intercooler for heat dissipation with minimal pressure drop.

Coupled together, our features were able to drop intercooler outlet temperatures by 45?F, and add 10 whp and 8 wtq all on the stock tune of our 2017 M2 test vehicle. The BMW F22/F30 Performance Intercooler is available in Silver or Black and also includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.
Suitable for
  • BMW 3-serie 2012-2015 4-doors sedan F30/F80

  • BMW 3-serie 2015- 4-doors sedan F30/F80 LCI

  • BMW 4-serie 2013-2017 2-doors coupé F32/F82

  • BMW 4-serie 2017- 2-deurs coupé F32/F82 LCI


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