Blox Racing Valve Springs Honda Integra,Civic,CR-V

Blox Racing Valve Springs Honda Integra,Civic,CR-V
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SKU: 46899
Brand: Blox Racing
Set: Set of 16
Manufacturer Code: BXPT-10302
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BLOX Racing valve springs are wound using super clean, chrome silicone alloy. These valve springs are designed and engineered for both high performance street driving and all-out racing conditions.
Each set provides maximum lift while preventing valve float and helps counter the effects of spring surge. These are perfect for naturally- aspirated and forced-induction engines.
Easy installation, no machining is required. Highly recommended for aftermarket, performance camshafts. For maximum results, use with BLOX Racing Ti retainers and high compression valves
Suitable for
  • Honda CR-V 1996-2002 5-doors SUV 2.0 ( RD1 - B20B3 - B20Z1 )

  • Honda Integra 1990-1991 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( - B18A )

  • Honda Integra 1992-1993 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( - B18A1 )

  • Honda Integra 1994-1997 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/SE (USDM) ( DC4 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1998-2001 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( DC4 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1994-1997 4-doors sedan 1.8i RS/LS/SE (USDM) ( DB7 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1998-2001 4-doors sedan 1.8i LS/GS (USDM) ( DB7 - B18B1 )


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