Blox Racing Thermal Shield Intake Gasket Honda Integra

Blox Racing Thermal Shield Intake Gasket Honda Integra

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SKU: 44201
Brand: Blox Racing
Manufacturer Code: BXIM-00101
Certificate: No Certificate
Technical details: Fits on B18A-B; B20B-Z


BLOX Racing high performance replacement intake manifold gaskets are CNC-machined out of high temperature resistant thermal polymer composite plastic and are a direct replacement and reusable product.

This unique thermal polymer material helps protect against heat soak and reduces the incoming air temperature before it reaches the cylinder head.
The cooler incoming air directly results in greater efficiency and power.
Suitable for
  • Honda CR-V 1996-2002 5-doors SUV 2.0 ( RD1 - B20B3 - B20Z1 )

  • Honda Integra 1990-1991 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( - B18A )

  • Honda Integra 1992-1993 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( - B18A1 )

  • Honda Integra 1994-1997 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/SE (USDM) ( DC4 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1998-2001 3-doors coupé 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM) ( DC4 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1990-1991 4-doors sedan 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM)

  • Honda Integra 1992-1993 4-doors sedan 1.8i RS/LS/GS (USDM)

  • Honda Integra 1994-1997 4-doors sedan 1.8i RS/LS/SE (USDM) ( DB7 - B18B1 )

  • Honda Integra 1998-2001 4-doors sedan 1.8i LS/GS (USDM) ( DB7 - B18B1 )


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